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27 July 2017

The Huang Increase

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My landlord, the mysterious Huang of Peachtree Corners, one of 8,000 in the area, recently sent me their latest rent increase notice.

My rent is going up by exactly $53.25! Not a typo. Fifty three fuckin dollars, oh! and 25 motherfucking cents.

I thought last year was nuts when the rent was raised by 84 dollars.

“Why not 85 dollars? 80 dollars?” I wondered. That would make sense.

Eighty-FOUR dollars? Crazy. I wondered if they have spy cams in the smoke detectors or something and maybe they saw me doing bad things and this was their way of fining me without revealing the cameras. It bugged me, but I shrugged it off.

And now it’s an increase of $53.25. Where do they get that? I’m almost certain they have cameras on me. I calculated that if I was fined a quarter for every time I dressed as a furry at home, the bill would be exactly 53 dollars and 25 centavos.

It reminds me of that old joke Old Man Pickle Nose likes:
A man and his wife are broke
He can’t get a job.
The man says, “Go out and sell your pussy.”
The wife agrees and a month later comes back with money
The man says,”How much.”
The wife says, “200 dollars and 25 cents.”
The man says,”WTF? Who gave you 25 cents?”
The wife says,


Day 3 of The New Regular Guys Show in the books and things are moving along nicely in terms of rebuilding the show.

Atlanta Falcon great Bob Whitfield is thoughtful and hilarious. Very musical too!

Brandon/BJ/Beej/BroJo is a very hard worker who is there almost 24 hrs a day!

Big John the board op is bigger than Bob, and I am secretly thinking of starting a feud between the two to see them go at it. I think that would be fun to Instagram.

Southern Belle Kaitlyn B Social, from Social Circle, GA, TRG Social Mediatrix, is a lovely breeze of an addition who knows what men want to hear.

And we’re all getting to know each other while figuring out what works and what doesn’t as we make Atlanta Radio Great Again. It’s great to be able to experiment on local radio.

Catch The Regular Guys Show, 2-5pm on 106.3/1230 The Fan 2/Atlanta.

To call in: 404-741-1230

And I thank you!


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