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25 June 2017

Social McStupid

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I just finished a Retard Tour of Facebook.

I keep a list of friends who routinely have the most retarded postings. About 25 people. Either there’s a hyper political rant, or it’s a complaint about Walgreen’s prices. Some specialize in postings of their injuries and disease. Others with their pets and kids. So much retardation of the social skill set out there on display.

So I smoke a nice bowl and pull out the list and I go on a tour of Facebook retardation every Sunday night until NFL season. Fun! Who needs TV?

This week’s highlight was a picture of some 50 year old women I know who were taking a group selfie in a movie theater. The purpose of the photo was to remember the time they saw the movie “Rough Night” together.

“Rough Night,” I looked at the trailer. Female Hangover.
Maybe someday they’ll come out with movies where women act like ladies, I don’t know, but I’m certain that is not what’s happening today.

I wonder what these women’s kids must think when they see their moms acting like retards posting movie theater watching pictures on Facebook? Could this be the root of our millennial drug problems? That kids are subject to these aging desperadoes trying to compete to be cuter on Facebook? Not to mention how annoying as shit this behavior is to the other film-goers.

“Hey…look at us…we all got into the movies together….can u believe it? LOL! Same row!”
And they’re all celebratory like they’ve never been able to put together a movie night until now.

Utter retards.

And I thank you.


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