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10 June 2017

Kris Medlen Scouting Report

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Braves fans have suffered recently having to watch $12 million hit the toilet for the signing of Bartolo Colon.

Too many years and flan sandwiches have caught up with the portly pepper pot who was moved to the DL with a stomach injury. You don’t say?

So the Braves rotation is in a bit of a tizzy. Looks like Sean Newcomb is the answer for now. He’s a lefty, which the Braves need to keep opposing hitters away from that short right field paradise, and his curve has proven untouchable in AAA. He will get the time he needs to solidify.

Foltynewicz is soldifying. RA Dickey is doing what RA Dickey should be doing. I told some of my contacts in the Braves organization that they should throw in RA Dickey an extra turn in the rotation to eat up innings with the knuckleball. Put him in every other day until Julio Teheran figures it out. I guess it’s still under consideration.

One arm that could help is Kris Medlen’s. I went to see him start at Gwinnett last night.
Kris Medlen has had 2 Tommy John surgeries. I think that’s enough to rename it Kris Medlen Surgery.

Kris zoomed up the ladder in the last couple months, going from extended spring training to High A ball, to Double-A, and now AAA Gwinnett Beavers (that’s my entry into the “Rename the Gwinnett Braves” Contest that’s going on).

Here’s my cool take on Kris Melden’s 1st G-Beavers start in which he got the loss:
-fastball now tops at 91
-made one mistake all night (HR to White Sox top prospect on 0-2 pitch)
-walked 3, hit 2
-jamming hitters with 88 mph fastballs!
-no run support
-defense wasn’t their best
-one strike out an inning
-his best weapon is his experience and smarts

I give him a B. He’s still a few starts away, but tracking nicely toward SunTrust Park.

Kris and I had a bro date the day after he was released in 2014 from the Braves, at Trattoria 141, Johns Creeks #1 restaurant where we are both members of the Secret Wall of Fame (SWOF) along with Falcon great Bill Fralic and 680 the Fan’s Sandra Golden (first female!).

I cheered him up as best I could. One week later, Kris Medlen was with the KC Royals, and I was sacked by Cumulus Radio.

2.5 years later, the convergence is strong. Kris Medlen should be rejoining the Braves about the same time that me, Larry WACHS and the Atlanta legend, The Regular Guys Show, returns to
Atlanta radio and smartphones at SunTrust Park with cockroach-like tenacity.

Kris Medlen and I are cockroaches, but cleaner. God bless him and god bless The Regular Guys Show. Men in the Atlanta suburbs now have something to believe in again. The Regular Guys Show is also one of the few, maybe only, media brand in Atlanta that doesn’t want to behead our President.

The new player(s) on The Regular Guys Show will surprise and delight you. You know them, and they know you. Chew on that for awhile, offer up your theories, make bets with friends, see who wins when more information is released.

That’s all for now. Peteetong, men. Do not step on downed power lines.

And I thank you.

Follow @houseofwachs and @theregularguys to stay in the game.


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