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09 June 2017

Kathy Griffin Gives Head, Big League. So true.

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I met Kathy Griffin ONCE. This was way before she decided to behead the president. So we’re clear, it was not my idea.

She was very pleasant as I recall, and she showed some grace and kindness to me.

I was in the Burbank Airport going to Las Vegas with Cousin Sal. Kathy Griffin walks by our gate.

Cousin Sal, who knew Kathy Griffin from his brief tenure in show business, walked over to say hello and introduced me.

We exchanged pleasantries in the Burbank Airport as Sal released the foulest, most noxious cloud of gas from his anus. I thought the sprinkler system in the airport would go off it was so bad.

Kathy Griffin smelled it. She had a look of horror on her face not dissimilar to the face that beheaded the president and Sal says, “Waxy…why did you do that? You need to go to the bathroom. I’m so sorry, Kathy.”

Now of course Kathy Griffin knew it was Sal and not me who passed the gas. I didn’t even look like the kind of guy who could smell like that. Sal did.

And I thought it was nice when Kathy Griffin said, “Sal, you’re disgusting.” So I felt a little bad for Kathy Griffin when she beheaded the president and had the entire internet fall on her head.

But look. She’s fuckin’ crazy and should go to jail and be made an example of.
You can’t threaten to behead the president. You can’t encourage others to behead the president.If you can, then why are we going after ISIS?

Many think this is an option now because the 1st amendment and comedy reasons.
But you can’t be tolerant of everything. That’s the fastest way to get us all beheaded someday.

I’m not a comic, although I can be humorous as hell, and even I know that beheadings are not laugh getters. Except with beheaders.They love it.

Even if you don’t like the president, that’s fine, but Kathy Griffin is doing something more unforgivable than beheading the president. Kathy Griffin is killing comedy.

Every comedian I know hates the president. Except maybe Chappelle. He seems to have a rare open mind amongst the breed.

I’m friends with several comedians on FB and Twitter. I keep telling them why aren’t you funny anymore? How can you support this craziness?

And they send me hate emails and block me. But honestly how can they possibly be funny?

Jailing Kathy Griffin would go a looooong way to saving comedy, saving America, and keeping your head attached to your motherfuckin neck.

The beheaders of the world don’t have comedy. They’re miserable people. They don’t even have Valentine’s Day. Do we want to be like that? No, we do not.

And I thank you.


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