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27 June 2017

Game. Set. Douche.


I was just reading how Serena Williams is all pissed at John McEnroe. Amazing!

John McEnroe wrote in his new book that Serena Williams was the best female tennis player ever. So terrible, right? Well, apparently.

Some enterprising feminist sports journalist with a hyphenated name, took umbrage with the fact that Mr. McEnroe used the word “female” to diminish Miss Williams accomplishments on the court.

The journalist implied to Mr. McEnroe that perhaps Serena Williams was the best…PERIOD!

And John McEnroe, going full douchebag, informed the journalist that, NO! “if she were on the men’s circuit, she’d be 700th.”

Age and experience has not unjerked John McEnroe. He could have sidestepped the whole thing by saying something like, “We can all agree she’s something special.”

Or, “she could be in the Top 50 all time certainly” or some bullshit like that. But he chose to take the bait, and say Serena would be “700th,” and be a shithead to a good woman.

It makes me wonder if John McEnroe doesn’t feel inside that Serena Williams would whip his ass if they met on a court. She is a fuckin’ beast.

And then that set off the latest Twitter cold gender war that is still raging. Angry looking women with men’s hair dos are claiming that because Serena won while pregnant, which NO male tennis player has done, qualifies her as the best of all time.

The logic here is that if a pregnant woman beats women in tennis it follows that she will also beat all the men. This is untested and unlikely. Unless the men were forced to wear pregnancy simulator suits to make it even.

I find it hilarious that women who look like men are spitting on men’s accomplishments because of something men physically cannot do. And by the looks and attitudes of some of these angry Twitter women, I find it hard to believe any of them have ever had tennis or pregnancy on their schedules.

FWIW, I think that Serena Williams would be way higher than #700 in the world if she played against men. She’s a bona fide fuckin’ beast. But my opinion is also worth shit because….

We have no data to suggest that either John McEnroe, Serena Williams, me, or angry shemales on Twitter are correct. Serena Williams has simply never been on the men’s circuit.

Maybe it’s time to find out. Put Serena up against the men. Let’s see what happens. What does Serena have to lose? She’s proven all she can against women. Pregnant, not pregnant. Heat or cold. Serena Williams beats all the women.

So if Nasty John McEnroe is wrong, why not play the men now? It’d be fun to watch. If she doesn’t beat the men. That’s OK. Respect for trying and beating all the other gals.

I remember in 1974 people got so excited about Billie Jean King playing Bobby Riggs. Women’s lib was in it’s infancy and men were not yet thoroughly fed up with the raging penis envy syndrome that now infects every corner of American woman culture.

Tennis Battle of the Sexes ’74 was fun. Morning DJs and evening news anchors got hours of banter about it.

Bobby Riggs was old and Billie Jean King was young. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that the whole outcome was pre-determined to boost the self-esteem of women. Men didn’t care, because it proved nothing and made the gals happy with something to talk about at lunch.

As if to prove it, to this day, 44 years later, there has been no more inter-gender tennis competition attempted. You would think, for progress reasons, that this would have occurred more, not less, since Billie Jean King won her match against a man. But no.

Yo Serena, time to step up. Angry, sour puss women across America and Twitter need your leadership and guidance. Should they keep up the angry, righteous fight against men? Or should they give the pussy hats to Goodwill, grow out their hair, and submit? ANSWER THE CALL!

If not, then fuck tennis and fuck John McEnroe.

And I thank you.


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  1. Kc

    Years ago when the Williams sisters were both peaking, one of them played 200th+ ranked dude that smoked. He smoked her 6-0, 6-0 in about 15 minutes. Have them play a guy ranked >100 and see where they are!

    Either way, Serena is still a BEAST and Mac is a douche.


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