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06 August 2017

East Coast/West Coast Tipping Point

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The new version of The Regular Guys Show, with me, Larry WACHS, and my new colleague, Atlanta Falcon Former Great Bob Whitfield is off to an incredible start.

After only 2 weeks on the air, Bob and I have created two stirs that got us attention on Los Angeles TV, radio, and Sports Illustrated. That’s gotta be a local radio record time.

The first stir concerned the appearance of Mr. Matthew Kaminski. Kaminski (@bravesorganist) visits the TRG/Wellstar Health Systems Studios at the start of each home series in a segment we call Musical Lineup w/Matthew Kaminski, Braves Organist, or, Here Comes Kaminski. Haven’t decided which yet.

In this segment, Kaminski reveals the opponent’s starting lineup in music and tells why each song was selected for play on his giant organ in SunTrust Park that night. It’s very clever and actually, according to 97% of sabermetricians, Kaminski is responsible for at least 5 extra wins a year over a non-Kaminski.

Kaminskis WAR is 5, and the reason is simple. Kaminski is not afraid to “go there” with music. He selects songs to distract the opponent. Now with the power of The Regular Guys Show, heard locally on 106.3/1230 The Fan 2 and streaming to your smartphone at, I think Kaminski’s WAR will be 10 by next season. Here’s why:

Kaminski was revealing the Dodger’s musical lineup on the Tuesday August 1st episode of TRG.
Kaminski was in a quandary when it came to center fielder Joc Pedersen. He was thinking maybe something from Cheers for NORM Peterson, but no one thought that packed a punch.

Our producer, Brandon Joseph, one of the many African-Americans that populate The Regular Guys Show staff, said, “Hey, how about Young Joc?”

And Bob Whitfield, my African American co host, made his contribution with, “Yeah, it’s Goin Down in the trap.” Whatever that means.

Well, next thing you know, later that evening, the Twitter starts buzzing about Kaminski playing Young Joc when Joc Pederson came to bat.

And the Dodgers’ TV announcers were discussing it.

And then Sports Illustrated was writing about it!

I couldn’t believe it! Sports Illustrated writing about something that happened on The Regular Guys Show. I’ve always wanted to be in Sports Illustrated. And I did it without having to wear a swimsuit! Hear me roar!

The second stir of the week also had to do with the Braves and soon to be World Champion Dodgers series across the street.

Since the Braves have no shot at the World Series, barring a major collapse of the California state government, I thought it would be fun and convenient to make a World Series style bet when the Dodgers were in town so people would stay interested and drive up ratings instead of being depressed and anxious.

So I called my buddy, Tim Conway, Jr.

Tim has a hilarious talk show 6-10pm (9p-1a Atlanta Time) on KFI/Los Angeles. He is a rarity in AM radio today; a funny local talk show host who talks about EVERYTHING instead of justonething. The corporate media fake news giants have shoo-ed the bulk of independent, interesting talk hosts to podcasting. But Tim remains on air due to talent and name recognition.

Here’s what transpired from that call.

Well, the Braves lost the series

Now I must go to Clayton County, GA, where our hero, President Trump, is considered a racist Hitler and came in 6th place behind Hillary, Jill, Gary, Bernie, Jesse, and Obama in the 2016 Election.

While there, I must plant 25 Trump signs on their soil.

As you can figure, this is a dangerous mission, so I must be clever to outwit the natives. Fortunately, I have the advantage of bringing Atlanta Falcon former great Bob Whitfield with me. Bob is 6’7″ and has been thought by some to be able to strangle on command.

Bob and I are now in the strategy stages for this Facebook Live TV event, the planting of the Trump signs in ClayHATEon, County, GA. Don’t miss it.

Stay abreast of this developing situation here or on Twitter: @TheRegularGuys @whatupbob @houseofwachs @1230thefan2, and of course, on 106.3FM/1230AM The Fan 2, now streaming to your smartphone at!!!!

And I thank you.


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